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Targeted: Americas Frontline Nurses

Targeted Intellectuals | Doctors, nurses and scientists were censored for coming forward. Who was behind this and what can we do? An interview with Julia McCabe and Nicole Sirotek from AFLN.

Want to know why we have so many online med trolls and private groups actively working against those who ask questions of science, medicine and failed public policy? Here’s one idea. Follow the Money.

Hot off the heels of Lee Fang’s mass media ignored Twitter files by The Intercept, Broken Truth explores why so many executives from major corporations are involved in Public Goods Projects, an organization whose Pharma funded activist groups like “Shots Heard Round The World” targeted anyone who promoted solutions that would end the FDA Emergency Use Authorizations.

Founded by Nurse Nicole Sirotek and the American Frontline Nurses.

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An unmissable interview with Nicole Sirotek and Julia McCabe from American Frontline Nurses about how intellectuals are targeted by online groups organized by former Discovery Communications executives as well as executives from Merck, Morgan Stanley, TikTok, and even the Obama White House. We explore foreign involvement in these targeted attacks on whistleblowers and how they affected United States health policy. Operating as a seemingly altruistic non-profit, Public Goods Projects is directly linked to political and corporate activists. Team Halo is financed by overseas interests like the United Nations and World Economic Forum.

Thanks to courageous whistleblowers embedded in groups like Shots Heard Round the World, find out how these groups had the means, motive, and opportunity to conspire to defraud the United States out of trillions of dollars by hijacking social media, news organizations, and our own corporate watchdogs. They then acted to destroy the lives of honest scientists and healthcare workers.

A must watch for anyone who has been targeted, harassed and silenced online in the era of the COVID biological attack.

Explore the people and organizations behind the Public Good Projects

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Watch the speech that put Nicole Sirotek and American Frontline Nurses in the crosshairs of big pharma.

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