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Remembering Trista Martin

Trista was a beautiful 18 year old girl who died suddenly in 2022 after getting her COVID-19 vaccine. This is her story. Remastered audio.

It doesn't matter what party you belong to, crimes against children unite all of humanity.

Trista Martin was a happy 18-year-old girl planning to go to college. Thanks to corrupt DC insiders like former FDA chairman and Pfizer board member  Scott Gottlieb, in July Trista got a COVID-19 vaccine without knowing the risks of the jab or that natural immunity was better than any vaccine. By November she was gone and doctors were discussing myocarditis in the hospital. We'd like to tell you the cause of death, but it will be 5 months before her parents find out. Even then, our system of medical examination is corrupted so they'll have to conduct their own investigation to corroborate. Trista's devastated parents Taylor and Allen Martin sat down with John and Clinton to tell her story.

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To donate and help the Martins to provide a monument for Trista, click this button.


UPDATE: This story and the details on how to file med license complaints about Scott Gottlieb got our X account @brokentruthtv locked out for 12 hours. We took down the tweet about Scott, but we've still been locked out for another 12 hours. The ability to file medical license complaints against a doctor who denied informed consent is part of every state, yet according to X sharing how to do this is a violation of their rules. Ironically, the NY medical license website is down today.

They make it difficult to do so you don't do it. We show you a shortcut and get locked down. Meanwhile, Gottlieb and CNBC can discredit Alex Berenson's reporting all day long and nobody does anything to them. Do you understand?

To find out how bad your batch of covid vaccine is, visit

How Bad is My Batch

Trista's batch information:

Read more about Trista here.

The Study on hyperglycemia and covid vaccines. There are more studies than this on the subject.

COVID-19 Vaccines and Hyperglycemia—Is There a Need for Postvaccination Surveillance?


This is Scott grinning on CNBC about how he got Alex Berenson censored.

First, you need to understand what Scott did.  Here is Alex Berenson's damning twitter files indictment of Scott Gottlieb's crimes against humanity and denial of informed consent to all of America.

Then, Use the form to file medical license board complaints against Scott Gottlieb MD, # license 225741.

Some additional resources:

This link goes to his license verification address:

I'd like to tell you how to report Scott Gottlieb to the NY State Medical License Board, but we've been all sorts of shadow-banned on X for posting this public information. Therefore I suggest you use vital and the primary address listed here for your complaints against Scott. You'll also have to mail in the form via USPS, so it will take a while.

While at it, check out this fun map of connections Scott has. He's super important!

The unusual (Cheney) connections of Scott Gottlieb.

View the celebration of Trista's life and read the special report here.

Celebrating Trista's Life
Celebrating Trista's Life

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