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CA assembly floor drama in California over efforts to deny parents rights.

Tweets taken from Jennifer Kennedy Esq and California Family Council today explains the drama today over schools getting legal rights to lie to parents about what happens to their children in school.

From Jennifer Kennedy Esq,
Dear USA: This is Newsom's California. Dems just passed #AB1955 to make schools lying to parents legal; they flipped the narrative from "schools should tell parents if a child asks to be publicly ID'd as the opposite sex on campus" to "schools cannot not 'out' gay kids." Everything @billessayli was saying below was true, before they CUT HIS MIC. The CA TQ Caucus does not tolerate the truth. Secret school trans-ing of your kid will hit your state next, especially if Newsom gets anywhere near the White House.

The California Family Council stated,
CA Assembly Floor becomes UNHINGED during #AB1955 hearing. Asm. @billessayli (R) explains how we got to #AB1955 but the Democrats silence him, then the chair threatens to ask him to leave.

@AsmCoreyJackson (D) yells "you better watch yourself" before they cut the audio.

@billessayli states "I wasn't prepared to address the Communist China House today" If the bill passes Assembly, call @GavinNewsom to veto AB1955 at 916-445-2841

Something is very rotten in California.

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