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Shocking Interview Clip Reel from Covid Protocol Victims

I'm working on a new project about hospital murders in the name of COVID. How many died from improper care because of politicized medicine?
3 has been conducting interviews with survivors and families of people starved, dehydrated, and poisoned by draconian hospital ‘protocols’ for the past few years.

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Upcoming Houston Event

The group is hosting an event in Houston May 31 and June 1 called ‘Halt Hospital Homicide’ and asked me to come and present my film ‘Epidemic of Fraud’. I’m also working with them to present their interviews in a documentary format for a new project I’m working on. In the video above, I share about 5 minutes of the 300+ hours of interviews describing torture, experimentation, and degrading behavior exhibited by our trusted medical professionals across the country.

Click the button below to register for the Houston Event and visit Former Feds Group to see more of these interviews and help the cause.


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