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NIH Director Francis Collins Boasts About Coercing Researchers

At a 2017 conference with Bill Gates, Francis Collins discusses how researchers can be influenced with positive and 'less pleasant' methods.

In an eye-opening admission at the 2017 American Society of Human Genetics, Dr. Francis Collins, head of the NIH at the time, shared his views on how to manipulate researchers.

“I’ve often said that trying to manage the research community, many people have concluded is like herding cats, and it is like herding cats. But guess what, I’ve got a big bag of cat food, and it’s called the NIH budget. And if it’s appropriately applied, it can actually encourage some pretty good things to happen.”

Francis Collins was recently exposed for admitting that the COVID Lab Leak was NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the federal agencies were involved in a cover-up on the origins of COVID and ultimately the fallout of deadly protocols that let to an overwhelming wave of deaths.

Watch the entire video with Bill Gates and Francis Collins below.

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